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(Hp printer) Laserjet Pro 100- colour mfp M175nw
The LaserJet Pro 100 Color MFP is pretty easy to install via USB or ethernet; though the WPS-only Wi-Fi setup is relatively bothersome, you?ll need it to enjoy the machine?s compatibility with cloud-printing services from HP and Dell. Using the 1.0 version installation CD, we encountered smeary-looking output when printing on heavier paper (including HP?s own 220g glossy paper for color lasers). The problem arose only with certain applications, including Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, and Photoshop. HP has incorporated a fix into the 1.1 version of the installation CD--and you can also find the fix online--but we wish that HP had made the update available for automatic download during installation. The driver update couldn\'t solve all the Laserjet Pro 100 Color MFP?s performance problems. Chief among these: It?s slow, printing plain text on plain paper at a rate of less than 11 pages per minute whether on the PC or the Mac?below the average for this product category. Copying speed was poky, and scanning speeds were interminable. On the Mac, a full-page photos took about 80 seconds to print; that works out to a speed of 0.75 ppm. Output quality ranged from competent to disappointing. Color images showed a subtle backdrop of very fine horizontal lines, which made images look slightly fuzzy. Scanned images had a distinctly yellow cast and harsh shadows. Line-art scans showed jagged curves and busy moir? patterning in intricate areas.

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